Quotes "With a plethora of healing modalities available to us, it can often be daunting to choose a practitioner you can trust and get results from. I only ever approach those I feel a strong resonance with. I recently had a session with Dan Sainsbury & was pleasantly surprised at how simple yet powerful it turned out. Dan's unique gift of healing melted away dense energies of hurt, fear and anxiety, transmuting my pain into frequencies of light, love and bliss - quite palpable and a revelation...I highly recommend having a session with Dan. He is down to earth, compassionate and genuinely cares about getting you and getting results" Quotes

Quotes "I love how every morning I wake up a 'newer improved version' of myself. No matter how many workshops, courses or seminars I attend or books or studies that I read, I will never reach a place where I can say " I now know it all all" or I have "arrived. This last week my learning was given an extra edge by a beautiful person who played a huge part in helping to clear some of the yucky stuff that has been hanging around for a while! Just the same way we'd go on a physical detox and feel super energised about 24-48 hours later, Daniel put me through an energetic Detox, ridding me of all the gunk that is no longer part of who I am. " Quotes
Energy Detox!

Quotes "Something important has changed in me since your healing. Less attached, less fearful, clear as a bell in my work, more accepting towards [partner]. Also calmer, clearer head, more accepting and at peace with that which cannot be changed, more grounded, sleeping better and the tinnitus has greatly subsided." Quotes

Quotes "The session really changed me completely. I would like to let people know, that your work turned my body mind and spirit inside out. To me it was like a miracle happening. I never felt so wealth in my life. I feel deepest respect for your work and I am deeply thankful for this. thank you thank you thank you so much. kind regards Corina Quotes
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