Quotes Thank you for a wonderful session. I was struck by your ability to track my inner condition very accurately, and felt supported in a way that went beyond my understanding. I didn't notice any perceptible change immediately after our session, but in the days that followed, I felt my inner state to be surprisingly different than before. For one, I had an unmistakable urge to exercise and move early in the day whereas I had been struggling with inertia for over a decade, as though in a constant low-grade depression. Another change- I felt unexpextedly "high" as though a deeper level of trust and general wellbeing had come over me. I think, to sum it up, that some inner struggle was dropped .. Again, thank you for what felt like a most soulful healing session. I will consider scheduling more sessions with you after the new year... Quotes

Quotes Dan I've been trying to find the words to describe our sessions but it goes beyond words and beyond anything I've experience before is like everytime I meet you you take heavy stuff from the bag I've been carrying for so long. I feel light and easy like I've never feel. Stay amazing !!! Quotes

Quotes "Divine Presence was palpable in the session I had today with Dan. I felt absolutely heard and understood. He has a gift of getting to the crux of the matter rapidly yet compassionately. He facilitated a powerful awareness and healing with me on a relationship issue/pattern of life long standing. Also providing me with a deeply effective ACIM based process that suited me to a 'T'. During the session I felt as though I was having 'back heart surgery', experiencing a significant expansion and awareness of my capacity to receive and Be Divine Love. Thank you Dan!" Quotes
Rev. Carrie R. Christiansen

Quotes "Dan. Thank you so much I am feeling really good and the pain in my neck and shoulders has improved dramatically. I really feel I will get my sleep back. I feel so much love for my dad amazing. I will let u know my progress. Thanks again much appreciate you time." Quotes
Chronic pain, insomnia, relationship anxiety

Quotes Had some wonderful experiences the other day in a healing session I received from Daniel Christopher Sainsbury. Some tears were shed and a deep peace and connectedness descend upon me. I experienced some beliefs I held about myself and others being released. I found Dan to be very insightful & tuned in. Highly recommend everyone to experience a session with him. Blessings & gratitude Quotes

Quotes Dan, many thanks, I feel like something very deep just happened. Quotes

Quotes Highly recommend Dan to anyone experiencing blocks in any way Quotes
K Butler

Quotes "Daniel worked twice with me - one for a physical problem (shoulder / neck stiffness-ache) and another for an emotional problem (anger towards parents). In both cases, he was able to very quickly identify the energetic patterns that were driving the problem (through questioning, leading, and prompting), even though I couldn't see it myself clearly. And then he proceeded to treat / heal those problems (I have no idea how he does it, but not that I care.. :)). The majority of the problems were healed nearly instantaneously - and I experienced very tangible relief in a matter of minutes. My shoulder and neck felt a lot more relaxed after the healing. In the case with my anger, which was very heavy and built up over many years in my adolescence - it took a few passes, but it definitely helped tremendously.. Daniel has a very unique and phenomenal gift for healing, on multiple levels, and I highly recommend his services to anybody!" Quotes
Ken Bok

Quotes "With professionalism, sincerity and patience, Dan guided me through a wonderful healing process. It was a lovely experience that felt cleansing and empowering. Afterwards, I felt tender, so I knew something had really happened. I would not say that my issue has not recurred but, when it has, it has brought much less intense feelings than before. It's much softer and I can see it a different way. Healing occured on a deep level." Quotes
Ian P.

Quotes Thank you so much for recommending Dan I asked him for healing .., and almost instantaneously I felt a warmth, a peace flow through me, his energy is so strong I had to sit, now all I want to do is smile, and I have a new sense of knowing that all will just be ok, he truly is a divine presence, In love and light. Quotes

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