Quotes Had a powerful healing via Skype on Friday night from Daniel Christopher Sainsbury. I really recommend him, as in both sessions I have received from him I have experienced profound energetic shifts. He is very intuitive and able to work on a deep psychic level. Quotes
Radhika Mecredy, Energy Practitioner

Quotes It seems that it was pretty easy for you to connect with me. The healing seems to be sticking in terms of the painful feelings. I still think about my friend but it doesn't bring up a lot of frenzied feelings... Only love. Quotes
Honor Levy
Healing over loss of a friend

Quotes Dan is great as he lives by the most important ethos in healing which is 'Healer heal thyself'. Dan is true to this which makes his work so powerful. Quotes
John Campbell, Author and Director of Brighton FC

Quotes Thank you Dan for a lovely healing session yesterday, it was done with gentleness and graciousness and was very timely indeed. Thoroughly recommend this gentle healing soul. Quotes
Penny Croal, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Quotes Dan has a truly God-given, unique gift of healing. I have seen it and I have experienced it. This is healing of mind, heart and soul and brings en-lightening of all, which raises one up, like floating, levitating, soaring. Quotes
Brian Longhurst, Author

Quotes My session with Dan was incredibly productive. Within 3 hours he helped me clear out a huge amount of unconscious emotional blockage, and helped me get right to the heart of all the issues. He is a skilled healer who can and will help you to rediscover your true freedom and Divinity. Dan's gift is wonderfully potent and he has the focus and ability to use it to great effect. Quotes
John Gallagher

Quotes I'm very impressed with the depth and the exactitude of Dan's work. His ability to facilitate Healing is exemplary. In the respect and love of ACIM's approach to True Healing, i.e. "healing occurs when the therapist forgets to judge his patient", Daniel's work is an example of humility, finesse and allowance of great Power to take place where's needed. In other words, giving your concerns to the hands of Daniel is stepping forward into the living remembrance of What We Are. Mister Sainsbury, Thank You! Quotes
Laurent Levy, Teacher

Quotes Hi Dan, I just wanted to share that I continue to feel so pure and energized following our healing appointment. The healing that occurred around the past life with my daughter was astounding. It feels as if something big lifted and now we are free to be together with more purity, less heaviness. My daughter has also seemed to benefit from the healing. She has had more energy and more willingness to participate in small things. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will let you know how things proceed. Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to say to anyone checking out this post, Dan has helped me immensely over the time I hve worked with him. When we began I was drowning in despair and gut wrenching loneliness. There have been huge shifts in me and I am able to deal with living much better now. I remain eternally grateful to Dan's gift of healing. Quotes

Quotes Dan Sainsbury is one of the most gifted and enlightened Healers in this world at this time. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is contemplating acquiring help with personal issues regarding their own wellbeing with a view to living a better life. ~Michael~ Quotes
Michael Murray

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