Quotes I've had the honor of working with Dan over the last few weeks and i want to say that he is truly an incredible healer, visionary and bringer of light. if you haven't had a session with him yet, please consider treating yourself to one. his magnificent ability to help you clear the way to more joy and love is truly a divine gift he has. i feel very blessed that he's shown up on my path. smile emoticon i've been following his work for awhile, but there's nothing like working with him directly to experience his mastery with healing and coaching on a very profound level. Quotes

Quotes "I've been working with Dan for a couple of months. The reason I come back to working with Dan over and over again is that he is an amazingly gifted healer. His completely nonjudgmental response to what I tell him allows me to take a deeper look at myself without any judgement. That approach frees me from looking at my past negativity and allows me to focus in a completely positive and loving way at future goals. I'm at a place today where I never believed I would be. And to make it even better... I now have the tools to reach my new goals. I'm so excited to finally have found my path. Thank you so Dan, you are a blessing!" Quotes
Anna Sallstrom

Quotes If you are thinking about working with Dan, stop thinking about it, and sign up. I've been working with him for many months now to address all sorts of stuff - personal issues and big business strategy too. Initially I went to Dan in January to work out my 'soul-purpose'. Oh wow! What an amazing 2015 it's been so far - the journey, the transformation, the knowledge ... and the exciting path yet to tread. I feel truly blessed to know Dan, and am grateful every day for the work we have done together. Quotes
Editor, R2G! Magazine

Quotes "I have worked with Dan now for a few months on different aspects of health, business and personal growth and can strongly recommend you go for it!!! Dan is one of the most amazing healers I have ever met, and I know many around the world. Allow yourself to be helped now and live the rest of your life with joy, love and confidence!!! Dan combines this with a corporate level of excellence that is very rare in the coaching (and healing) world." Quotes
Marina Malberg

Quotes Just a note to say thanks and to let you know that ... 'I'm up and running again'. I've had enough energy this evening to dance around the living room to Earth Wind & Fire's 'Fantasy' blasting out the speakers, so ... I'm a very happy bunny! Best wishes to you and yours. Quotes
Debilitating Back Pain

Quotes Your healing taster session was a great experience - thank you so much Dan. What a great way to demonstrate the value of your work in action. This morning I felt as though a weight has been lifted and the day has been gracefully achieveful. Blessings. Quotes
Rosemary Innes

Quotes I had another fantastic healing session with Dan yesterday. Personally speaking it is such a relief to realize that healing can be so simple and immediate when calling in the Divine . There are so many great energy healing modalities these days -the choice can be overwhelming and theres no doubt in my mind many work on v deep levels but Dan's "maximal prayer" can be used so easily and quickly in the moment and is a beautiful method to halt any negativity in its tracks . Many thanks Dan Quotes
Pam Buswell Chamberland
Clearing memories from the past

Quotes Hi Daniel, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful healing experience. It was a pleasure to work with someone so intuitive and confident. I would highly recommend you to others. Quotes

Quotes It has been my delight to have worked with Dan on several occasions and each occasion he has brought about both clarity and a peacefulness that has been astonishing. Dan is wonderfully intuitive and a wonderful healer. It is always wonderful to be opened up to new and different ways of healing. Thank you. Quotes
Jeani Howard
EFT Practitioner

Quotes Daniel works with the highest energy and vibration; he sees clearly and hones in quickly to any issues you may have, calling on the Divine and his own unique gifts of consciousness. He creates a safe and gentle space to take you gently through clearing techniques and my session with him left me feeling brighter and lighter. He is one of the true and unsung healers who deserves prominance in the world.. He is without ego and works effectively. I would highly recommend him. Quotes
Sally Francis, Motivational Coach/Therapist
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