Dan used to be in the corporate world and at least in the world's eyes and according to the normal, quotidian metrics, he was "successful". 

However, at the height of success where he felt he had finally ticked EVERY box in life that we are supposed to tick (great job, good income, on the property ladder, great relationship, great social life), walking home one day after "yet another successful day at work" into a great sunset no less, he suddenly felt great disillusionment, as if the world's 'trophies' and winnings meant nothing to him.  

What is more, the idea that life was somehow finite made no sense, nor did the seeming endless striving everyone seemed to do. 

He retrained in different forms of psychotherapy and healing, trying to understand everything he could about why we are here and what Truth is, e.g. about who we truly are.

During that time, he discovered he had a very natural and powerful ability to heal others, both emotionally and physically. He even healed broken bones, severe physical pain and swelling, just through the power of thought and a particular form of consciousness which he now uses to great effect to help myriads of people around the world.

Dan has now set up an international practice based in London where he sees people from all over the world to help them through all forms of physical and emotional limitation.

Dan can see you in person or on Skype.

"This weekend, I had the most profound session with Dan. If you are open, ready to move some big blocks, and want results that you feel immediately, contact him. I am excited to see what unfolds in the coming weeks with all areas of my life!" 

Brandon Moreno, USA.  

"Believe it or not your Essential Nature, beyond the pendulous nature of mind and emotions, is Pure Bliss and Freedom. As we dig through the faux-narrative of the 'small self' we begin to see glimpses and then to embody more and more of this Freedom-Bliss. It is my desire to show you This." ~ Dan

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