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Thank you for stepping by the website of healer and transformational psychologist, Dan Sainsbury. 

Dan uses a suite of transformational techniques as well as a powerful, natural healing ability to get you from where you are to where you most want to be in your life.

Whatever your biggest life challenges are ~ psychological, emotional or physical ~ Dan can help you move beyond them toward the optimum version of yourself and your life.

Here is a brief snapshot of the areas Dan specialises in.

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1. CLEARING FEAR, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, PHOBIA AND OTHER LIMITING STATES - You are not your thoughts or feelings. Despite how real they feel, they present no more than a 'mirage' of reality. A projection that comes from within you. Dan will not only share with you HOW to clear fear, anxiety, depression and other limiting states and emotions but he can do it FOR YOU using a natural energetic healing ability.

2. ACCESSING THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND TO REVEAL AND HEAL THE ROOT-CAUSES OF LIMITING BELIEFS AND PHYSIOLOGICAL DIS-EASE - the root-causes of the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves or about life generally of course come from our conditioning, our past. It is when these limiting beliefs become painful that we want to resolve them. 

The causes are there in our subconscious, in a set of memories (mainly submerged from view) that we need to go into and clear. 

Dan is able to go into these root-cause memories to bring healing to them in a way that causes a positive qualitative shift in your mindset. As we heal our past, our present changes which then positively affects our future. 

In the same way, it has been found the causes of most (if not all) of physical disease is buried deep in the mind, in the form of trauma that has not yet been released. This is the mind-body link and a way in which the mind projects onto the body. Once we access the key memories and events that gave rise to the disease, and heal them, then the disease is free to unravel and disappear. 

3. HEALING YOUR KEY RELATIONSHIPS - relationships are the juice of life. We have relationships all the time, with our intimate partner, our parents, children, bosses, colleagues and the like. They are not always easy, or fluid, or maximally collaborative but there are ways to HEAL and OPTIMISE all our key relationships to an extent they become mutually highly beneficial. Dan will show you how. 

4. HOW TO ENSURE BEST OUTCOMES IN ALL YOU DO  -  the mind is a highly powerful instrument. The problem is, 'in the wrong hands' the mind can be powerful in ways you do not want it to be. Fear can diminish our abilities and our performance but there is a way to ensure that in the realm of interviews, exams, presentations, company projects and the like you know EXACTLY what the perfect outcome is AND HOW TO MANIFEST IT. 

5. UNDERSTANDING YOUR HIGHEST PURPOSE FOR BEING HERE - it is said that within us is the seed of the highest reason for us being here. Are we here just to slog and grind and do a workaday 9-5 or is there an innate gift or talent that you need to bring to the world? The more people you help, the more wealthy you become, in all senses of the word.

Dan works with you to find that innate gift and ability for you to structure employment around it that will benefit many. 

6. HOW TO GROW YOUR CONSCIOUS BUSINESS - use wonderful science-based sales processes and outcome-optimisation techniques that mean you know exactly how to attract customers and hold your consciousness in the correct position for maximum success. Sales, marketing and psychological-optimisation techniques to help you grow maximally your business.

7. OPTIMAL LIFE DESIGN - HOW TO MANIFEST YOUR BEST LIFE - understand what you MOST want in life, your IDEAL scenarios in each facet of your existence and know how to bring it forth using an array of manifestation techniques.

In short, Dan works clients from all corners of the globe and helps them to transform at the deepest and most expansive levels.

If you want his INSIGHTS and a look at his techniques he keeps an active blog here: https://dansainsburyhealer.wordpress.com/

"Dan Sainsbury is one of the most gifted and enlightened "Healers" in this world at this time. 

I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is contemplating acquiring help with personal 

issues regarding their own wellbeing with a view to living a better life." 

Michael Murray, Therapist and Head of A.C.I.M Ireland

"Dan I've been trying to find the words to describe our sessions but it goes beyond words and beyond anything I've experienced before.
 It is like every time I meet you, you take heavy stuff from the bag I've been carrying for so long. 
I feel light and easy like I've never felt. Stay amazing !!!"
Maria Diez, London

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